Innovative Electricals and Electronics (iEE)
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    • Computing & Information Technology
    • Mathematics & Computational Technology
    • Devices, Circuit & Systems
    • Computers
    • Communication Systems
    • Controls, Instrumentation & Measurements
    • Electrical Power Systems
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    Paper submission in Innovative Electricals and Electronics (iEE) at RI2C 2022 was never published before, and it is not currently being considered by another conference. All submitted papers will be checked for plagiarism. Papers that have a significant amount of overlap with other papers will be automatically rejected (>30%). The papers must be written in English and formatted in accordance with the standard conference proceedings format. The paper must be 4 to 8 pages of A4 size in length, including all texts, references, figures and photographs. All iEE submissions will be electronic and in IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF format (*.pdf).
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